REVEALED: Porsche’s 918 Spider Prototype


In case you missed all the photos flying around the internet, luxury car brand Porsche has made some significant progress on their 918 Spyder prototype. The sexy, sleek and (wait for it …) ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY sports car is supposed to drop in September 2013. This souped-up plug-in hybrid combines a high-performance standard engine with top-of-the-line electric motors to make certain that the performance you expect from a Porsche doesn’t get diluted. According to Porsche, “the 918 Spyder will redefine driving fun, efficiency and performance” for seasoned lovers of the brand, as well as newbies who are attracted to the “green” nature of the super sports car. Need a layman’s perspective? We got you. Check out our series of Porsche 911 CELEBRITY RIDE videos with film director Pete Chatmon.

Porsche 918 Prototype

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