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Rolls Royce, Meet Your Match

What is it about a Rolls that makes it so sublime? The quality? The cache? The materials? All of the above, and then some. When you make certain that every piece of the whole is top notch, you can’t help but create something bordering on perfection.

This is a philosophy that Thermador knows a little something about. Not only does Thermador build their ovens with high quality materials like titanium and heatable glass, they also innovate. The new Pro Grand Steam Range, for example, uses a star-shaped burner that provides 56% more heat coverage than a conventional burner. Plus, much like the doors on a luxury car, the Pro Grand Steam Range’s doors soft close– it’s impossible to slam them shut. Very handy when both your arms are full of good, home cooked food.

When it drops this fall, Thermador’s new flagship 48-inch range will be the world‘s first all-in-one cooking appliance to combine a steam and convection combination oven, a full-size convection oven, a six-burner gas rangetop with a grill or griddle option, and a warming drawer. According to Thermador, what that means in real life terms is that an entire holiday meal can be prepared with one appliance (including a 14-pound turkey) in just 90 minutes.

Truly this oven is meant for the culinary enthusiast who truly enjoys cooking and wants every cooking option available to make the perfect meal at home.

That said, our favorite feature of the Pro Grand Steam Range has nothing to do with cooking– it’s purely aesthetic. When this super-luxe oven is plugged in, the lighting around it is so pretty it makes the range look like a work of art– or perhaps the grill of a Rolls Royce.

Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range, $13,995
Available September 15
Twitter: @ThermadorHome


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