News: Your Road to Riches Starts … Here

Ready to learn about finance in a way that makes sense?  Thought so.  Meet Sakina Spruell Cole, your guide to getting (and staying) rich.

Cole’s latest move in continuing her efforts to decrease the wealth gap between people of color and mainstream America is “Keeping It Rich With Sakina,” a financial reality talk show on

In the show, Sakina, an award-winning personal finance journalist and entrepreneur, will speak candidly with her financial advisers, colleagues and friends, all of whom will offer advice, information and tips on living the good life responsibly.  Sakina hopes that discussing her personal finances “… leads viewers to become more … savvy with their money.”

The four part web series will air four consecutive weeks beginning November 17 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

Previous episodes of “Keeping It Rich With Sakina” can be viewed at:

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