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SIPS @ Chocolat (Harlem, NY)

Being the Pinot Noir lover that I am, it’s not often that I veer off the wine list over to the cocktail menu, especially not to examine the selection of sweet, milk-based drinks (I like my dessert on a plate, thank you very much).  But something about the twelve inches of snow on the ground and the longing for a slice of chocolate cake (and the self-inflicted diet preventing me from eating it) led me to the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini at Chocolat Restaurant Lounge in Harlem, NY.  Admittedly, I was fearful that the strawberry liqueur would be reminiscent of Children’s Tylenol and the Godiva Chocolate Liqueur would remind me of a creamy custard.  Instead, I sipped on a slightly sweet, very smooth, and surprisingly light Grey Goose Vodka-based cocktail kissed with chocolate chips.  The chocolate syrup-drizzled strawberry perched atop the glass made for a fruity finish.  You won’t find this comfort cocktail anywhere else– it’s a Chocolat original.  Andrea Skerritt


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini: $14
Chocolat Restaurant Lounge
2217-23 Frederick Douglas Blvd. (at 120th Street)

(Andréa Skerritt is a Publicist-cum-journalist who prefers to be driven and always looks good in the passenger seat)






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