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SIPS @ CrossRoads Supper Club (Brooklyn, NY)

If you happen to find yourself over in the industrial area of Park Slope, take the opportunity to stop by CrossRoads Supper Club and try their Ginger Candy drink.  An original concoction dreamed up by Liz, the CrossRoads bartender, the Ginger Candy drink was originally created as a way to help promote Ginger Candy Comedy, a monthly Caribbean comedy performance held at CrossRoads.  When asked about her drink recipe Liz will smile, but she won’t give up of any of her ingredients except one: Canton, a ginger-flavored cognac I’d never heard of.  No matter.  The drink, like its name, is equal parts ginger-spicy and candy-sweet.  Served in a rocks glass with a slice of lime on the rim and a cherry at the bottom, it’s an easy drink to like.  Tasty, but not very strong, it’s a great concoction to sip during Ginger Candy Comedy while the cross-cultural jokes keep you in stitches.  –SekouWrites

Ginger Candy: $12
CrossRoads Supper Club
402 3rd Avenue (at 6th Street)

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