SIPS @ Valentine’s Day: U’Luv Me

Cocktails epitomize pleasure and fun-loving company. U’Luvka loves company, hence we created this special Valentine’s recipe for you… in fact, this is a double serving ideal for couples.

4 PARTS of U’Luvka
2 PARTS of St. Germain or Elderflower liqueur
1 PART of gomme or liquid sugar
2 PARTS of fresh lemon juice
4 muddled strawberries
Dash of Absinthe
Brut Champagne

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the strawberry until you get a puree. Add the U’Luvka, lemon juice, gomme and St. Germain. Add fresh ice into the mixing glass and shake it with lots of TLC. Coat a chilled martini glass with Absinthe. Strain the cocktail into the Martini glass. Crown the drink with Champagne and garnish it with a Strawberry. Enjoy!

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