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SNAPPED: 2013 Lincoln MKS

Lincoln is betting heavy on it’s new look for 2013. The new MKS front grill is nicely dark and aggressive in a sleek, Bat-mobile kind of way and we especially like the taillights, which, given the horsepower of these babies, not many folks are likely to see. Except when you’re parking. The real story here, though, is that the MKS is offered with optional equipment to keep you safer. If you stray over the dotted highway line, the car beeps at you. If you stray too far, the car gently pulls you back into your lane. And, if you still can’t get it together, you get the coup de’grace: An illuminated coffee icon on the dash, urging you to pull over and get some caffeine. We love it. As soon as we can find a picture, or get a test drive, you’ll hear more.

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