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Snoop Gets His Ride Pimped

Funkmaster Flex creates a signature Mustang for Snoop Dogg

By SékouWrites

There are certainly perks to being an internationally known celebrity. Not the least of which is getting to have a custom car made for just for you. Just ask Snoop. The swagga-docious rap superstar dropped into Vegas this week to pick up his newly pimped out 2011 Ford Mustang from DJ, radio personality and, celebrity car customizer Funkmaster Flex. The two met up at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show, a huge annual event which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Each year, the halls of the Convention Center are crammed to overflowing with car, trucks and motorcycles that have been customized almost to the point of looking like completely different cars. Snoop’s Mustang was no exception. Featuring Snoop’s name in several places but, most notably, in the see-through window housing some serious looking speakers, Snoop’s ride was more than a little impressive. As hordes of fans crowded in for autographs and photo, Snoop seemed to enjoy checking out his new ride, but he definitely loved Flex’s one of a kind remix of the 2011 Ford Explorer. As soon as Snoop saw it, he said he wanted to leave the Convention Center with it. Get in line, Snoop. I saw it first.

(SékouWrites is a  journalist, author, and a car guy who cares more about what’s on the dashboard than what’s under the hood.)



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