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SUITE LIFE: Sunset Marquis (Los Angeles, CA)

If you’re in Los Angeles, CA book a suite at:
Sunset Marquis

By SékouWrites

If you’re a wild rock band that loves to trash hotel rooms in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve already heard of the Sunset Marquis. Built in 1963 and recently revamped to the tune of $25 million, the five-acre, all-suite Marquis holds a wealth of Hollywood history. Not only is the property full of stories, it’s also overflowing with a plethora of luxe amenities.

Nightbird, the lush recording studio on the parking level of the hotel, has provided services to many of today’s music superstars, such as Keri Hilson and Cee-lo, who’s rumored to book Nightbird’s sound- and light-proof studio for ultra high-quality (and very expensive) naps. The photography studio, on the top level of the property, can also be booked for events—recently, Jaguar launched its deliciously redesigned XJ sedan there. For those wanting to relax, the hotel offers its spa, where patrons can indulge in decadent treatments like hot stone body massage while lounging on leather chairs designed by the same craftsmen who design the interiors of super-luxury cars like Porsche.

And even if you don’t bother to ask any of the staff for their stories—of course, you’ll be missing out on interesting anecdotes like the band that got banned from the hotel for a year after dying the carpet green and came back the very next day after the ban lifted to cause more mayhem—you’ll be too dazzled by the ambience to care.

In a city known to have many exclusive hotels, Sunset Marquis stands out by being a bit secretive. It’s located on a dead end street, so there is limited traffic, and you won’t find it unless you know where it is. Even the hotel’s front door is unassuming, but step inside and the place widens into a lush haven: From the open reception area to the winding pathways decorated with cacti, the three bars (two outdoor), the open-air restaurant, and even a bridge over a Koi pond full of chubby, beautiful fish, you’ll be amazed at how vast and secluded the place is.

And the pièce de résistence? The villas, which are separated from the main building, are massive. Each one has a living/dining area big enough to host a ballroom dance, an outdoor patio with a privacy wall and seating for six, a huge bedroom with a second patio for canoodling, and a massive bathroom with fun features like a stand-alone tub and a waterfall shower. The folks at Sunset Marquis are more than just accommodating—they have a sense of humor too. On each tub, they leave two rubber duckies. Not that you’d need anything to help you remember the Sunset Marquis—it’s a hard place to forget.

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