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TECH: Grab the new Grabio iPhone app

Here at Simply Rides, we love a good app and, today, we’ve got a great one for you.

Imagine the local convenience of CitySearch and the buying convenience of eBay combined in the palm of your hand. That’s what you’ll discover when you try¬†Grabio, the iPhone app that lets you discover and interact with the neighborhood around you, even if it’s your very first time in the area.

Grabio is essentially a mobile marketplace. It connects buyers and sellers of goods and services through smartphones in a simple and innovative way.

grabioUsers can just tap the app to discover what people nearby are selling, or willing to buy. Grabio allows folks to take a photo of the item for sale, describe the item or service, assign a price, and then post the ad in a few simple steps.

Grabio hopes to change the way people search for and exchange goods and services by adding elements of mobility and social user experience to location-based listings. For example, instead of searching for apartment rentals online, you could actually drive through the neighborhood you want to live in and use Grabio to find apartments and contact the landlord with the push of a button.

Cool, right? And it’s free! So, click here, to grab your Grabio app from the iPhone App Store.

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