Teen Shopping Site Saves Mom Gas

Good news, moms!  If you’ve been worried about your teenage daughter hanging out at the local mall too much, you’ll be happy to learn about, a website that combines social media and shopping.

Catering to teenage girls, the site features an amazingly robust selection of more than 800 brands, but that’s not the real magic.  Once your teen has created a full outfit by mixing and matching, the site’s social networking component lets her post the look on Facebook to see what her girlfriends really think before she buys it.  Nice.  And you don’t even have to drive her back to the mall to return it.

PlumWillow‘s marketing maven Lindsay Anvik says that the goal of the company is, “to recreate the experience of teens shopping in a mall, where they gather opinions of their friends, put together outfits using items from multiple stores and collaborate on final purchases and styling decisions.”

Sounds like a winner to us.  And your daughter will have no excuse to be home late for dinner again.

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