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The Cadenza Limited Could be the New Cadillac

I’m definitely a fan of Kia so my review may be a little skewed. Anyway, this was my first time driving the 2017 Cadenza Limited, although I have been in one. Again, I was pleased.

When I have something this sexy, I always try to get as many passengers in it as possible, especially when it’s a Kia. I found that people are always surprised that Kia knows how to do luxury. This time, reactions from riders were pretty much the same across the board – “Oh wow, this is a Kia?” “Can we keep this car?” and “I need a driver for this kind of car.”

1. Style. Class. Sass. – How many ways can I say that this car is gorgeous? In my humble, unbiased (but really biased) opinion, it’s the MacDaddy vehicle of its class. I felt like the queen of LA rolling slow with the moon roof open and the glistening grill smiling at everyone who blurred by. Something about the Cadenza reminded me of those days on Crenshaw when people would roll slow with their music on 10, just to see who was watching. From the wood grain dash to the plush leather seats, the Cadenza’s design quality both inside and out are above par. And the interior is quiet.

2. Space on Space on Space – Just to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating, I put some 6-feet (plus) tall people in the back seat. The backseats were like thrones. Everyone had extra leg room, booty room and shoulder space. Most of the time, passengers wanted to ride in the back because they felt like they were being chauffeured.

3. Power – The Cadenza is a heavy vehicle, providing a sense of security on the road. And a heavy vehicle requires a powerful engine, which Kia delivered. As a driver, I felt like I had full command over the road. Not only is the engine powerful, but also the Cadenza is immediately responsive to the driver’s needs. Quickly coming to a stop wasn’t difficult or alarming; picking up speed quickly wasn’t a challenge either. Plus the ride is super smooth.

4. USB Scarcity – The Cadenza is a chauffeuring vehicle but isn’t really keeping the electronic needs of passengers in mind. Despite the space and lux, many of my passengers complained about the lack of USB plugs available.

5. Cross Generational – Something great about this car is that both mom and little brother (that’s at least three decades between the two) could see themselves purchasing this ride. While my mom loved the way it drove, the space and the class, my little brother and his friends felt like celebrities pulling up to the red carpet every time they rode. The Cadenza, underrated, can be that vehicle passed down generation to generation, like the old Cadillacs back in the day.

6. Affordable Luxury – Although we test drove the Cadenza Limited (MSRP $45K), the Cadenza is reasonably priced compared to other cars in its class, starting at $31K.

By Brittney M. Walker for SimplyRides.com

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