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The Whole Foods Parking Lot

Day Four: Whole Foods??

Austin, Texas is really proud of their Whole Foods roots. Before, during and after I drove there it seemed like everyone suggested that I make a pit stop at Whole Foods to check out the headquarters. Honestly, I didn’t really think anything of it, but after hearing this awesome viral video called “Whole Foods Parking Lot,” well, I wish I’d rolled up “put my hybrid in reverse,” and cruised by in electric mode, because indeed you can’t even hear the engine of a Prius. Cute video and a fun way to end my amazing Toyota Prius Texas road trip!


V-Wall: Shira LevineThe idea of Texas being the conservative, gas-guzzling, large and loud state is only half true. It’s also a place with a huge budget for arts, culture and some incredible green initiatives. Intrepid journalist SHIRA LEVINE has hopped into a fourth generation TOYOTA PRIUS and embarked on an environmentally sensitive road trip from San Antonio, Texas to Dallas in search of the green heart of the Lonestar State.

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