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Toyota Gives $500,000 to Science Teachers

A group of 50 U.S. science educators has been selected to receive $500,000 in grants through the Toyota TAPESTRY Grants for Science Teachers Program. Fully funded by Toyota, the program recognizes and provides support to educators who are making a difference by demonstrating excellence and creativity in science education. The winning programs will begin project implementation in June 2011.

The Toyota TAPESTRY Grants for Science Teachers program has been enhancing science education for students for more than 20 years. At the onset of the program in 1991, it offered an additional boost to the efforts of teachers across the country. Today, in light of the current crisis facing the nation’s schools, the Toyota TAPESTRY program helps to ensure there are engaging science education programs available to get students excited about science.

Over the course of the program’s 21 year history, Toyota has provided nearly $10 million in grants and touched tens of thousands of students nationwide. As a result of the Toyota TAPESTRY program, numerous educators have gone on to win prestigious awards, including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics, the NSTA Distinguished Teaching Award and the Einstein Fellowship Award. Additionally, teachers have had the opportunity to expand their science-based projects beyond their classrooms, and impact their communities and even state legislatures. Frequently, this includes garnering substantial additional funding for the teacher’s program and school.


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