lamborghini aventador j

REVEALED: 2012 Lamborghini Aventador J

By SékouWrites

Trust us: The Lamborghini Aventador J is a 700-horsepower, two-seat work of art. It’s not a convertible, per se, but I don’t think you’ll fault us for calling it one. The Lamborghini designers built this puppy without a roof or front windshield, so if you want to take advantage of those 700 horses, you’re gonna have to buy a helmet. And you’ll need it. The Aventador J was built without the extra bulk of navigation, audio and climate systems, all of which keeps it remarkably light. The reduced weight, plus the powerful engine will make the Aventador practically fly down the road. Want one? Better hurry. This street-legal-race-car has a very limited run: Only one Aventador J will ever be built, period. So, it won’t come cheap.

Lamborghini Aventador J
$2.8 million

See more pics, here.
Reprinted, Uptown Magazine

lamborghini aventador j

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