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Use Twitter, Make Art I Toyota and REVOLT TV Partner to host SXSW Live Art Installation

By Natalie Goode

Calling all artists! Did you know that your twitter thumbs can also double as paintballs? No lie. By tweeting using the #MakeYourMark hashtag you could’ve a hand in creating a live art installation, which was featured at the 2015 South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

Toyota recently teamed up with REVOLT TV to hold a two day ‘Make Your Mark’ contemporary art installation. The installation included a 2015 Toyota Corolla encased in a glass shield and behind it was a blank canvas.

With each #MakeYourMark tweet “six robotically controlled paintball markers” inside the glass case were shot at the canvas, creating a colorful and continuously changing backdrop. According to Toyota, approximately 4,500 synchronized paintballs were utilized to create this contemporary art.

Plus, you didn’t even have to be at the festival to participate, just check out @ToyotaShowcase or go to to see how art the artwork came to life.

For those of you who were lucky enough to be SXSW festivalgoers, you might’ve noticed that you could also take part in the Toyota light writing photo booth, where marking your finger with a light activated the paintball guns in the art installation.

Chicago artist Rahmaan Statik (below) designed the installation artwork and Brightline Interactive offered the technology. Four original pieces of art were created during the two-day live art display.


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