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VIDEO: Brown Boy Bad(?) Trailer

Before you check out the trailer for “Brown Boy Bad(?)” below, read these quick notes to get current on the project.

“Brown Boy Bad(?)” was created by author and automotive journalist/blogger S√©kouWrites. The title references the subconscious feeling that some people experience when confronted by a black man. The project hopes to modify that feeling by adding a question mark.

A “test-drive docuseries”– i.e. interviews conducted with real people inside a car during a test drive. The test-drive vehicles are provided by Kia. The series explores race- and appearance-based assumptions as well as examining the conversations that black fathers are currently having with their children about race.

Like many people, Sekou was spurred to action by the tragic deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner— two black men who were killed by white police officers. His goal was to find a way to contribute the “Black Lives Matter” conversation through his automotive work.

Ongoing. What started as only a web series is growing. The “Brown Boy Bad(?)” movement now includes a podcast of black men talking about their first remembered experience with racism and a custom-designed gemstone bracelet. “Brown Boy Bad(?) has been covered in the Huffington Post, the New York Times and iCandy456. There have been screenings of the pilot episode in Harlem and New Jersey.

Sekou originally intended to shoot a series of test-drive videos for Kia featuring black men. The men would talk about their successes while dressed in a hoodie and test-driving a Kia vehicle– the subconscious message being: Not all black men in hoodies are dangerous. Sekou and his first guest star were accosted by white men while filming the pilot episode, however, and that experience shifted the concept into a series that focuses more on race than the car. Despite the dramatic political shift of the series, Kia agreed to stand in support of the project and continues to provide cars for it.


This trailer was excerpted from the pilot episode, which was filmed in Nashville, TN inside a 2015 Kia Sedona. Make a donation to the crowd-funding campaign at The limited edition Brown Boy Bad(?) Bracelet is available via


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