African-American stylist Stephanie Alexis sits atop a pile of luggage dreesed in heels and tight pink jeans.
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VIDEO: Fashion Tips For Your Road Trip to Coachella

From fashion trends like crochet and fringe to in-car necessities like mineral water spray and blotting papers, NY-based stylist Stephanie Alexis gives you all the tips you need for a very fashionable (and fun) road trip to the Coachella music and arts festival. Never heard of it? This popular event takes place every year near Palm Springs, California and features performances by tons of musical artists like Drake, Azealia Banks and AC/DC. Will you be there this year? If so, follow these tips to make sure you look fab on the way out! Coachella 2015 happens over the course to two weekends April 10-12 and April 17-19. More at


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