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VIDEO: Nissan Celebrates its 80th Birthday with Nissan 360

Nissan Motor Company is marking its 80th anniversary with “Nissan 360.”  This is a month-long showcase of the latest breakthroughs in vehicle technology, sustainability and market expansion by one of the world’s leading automotive groups. The full lineup of Infiniti vehicles is on display. Journalists will get a chance to experience Nissan cars on a performance track. Trucks will be put through their paces on an adventure course. The Datsun GO has made the trip to Southern California from India where it recently launched, as well as other vehicles representing the global marketplace.

“If you don’t have brand power, you will never become a leading player in an industry. You can maybe with price-positioning, or being the only one having the right car at the right moment, you can get to a certain level of share, maybe a little bit of profit,” said Roel de Vries, Nissan Corporate Vice President for Global Marketing and Media Strategy. “To become truly profitable, and to become truly leading and achieve 8 percent share which is our target, you need to have a brand which is very desirable.” The company is showing off not only an extensive line up of new models, but also some iconic and memorable vintage Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.


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