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VIDEO: Toyota Presents Breakthrough Theatre Award

Toyota is the proud co-sponsor of Breakthrough Theatre, a ten part series on Huffington Post/Black Voices where a panel of artistic curators selected short films created by emerging talent to display online. The general public was able to vote for their favorite film and the winner received a physical award in addition to $5,000 for their next project. The theme for the online competition was “redemption” and was hosted by Sheldon Candis, the writer/director of LUV. The winner was the short film Docket 32357, written by Eljon Wardally, directed by Randy Wilkins and starring Ashley Denise Robinson and Tara Gadomski. Here, check out some of the highlights of the first annual award event! This innovative project was the brainchild of Lateef Sarnor of Kollideoscope, a new a new multicultural video platform, and it was presented by the 2013 Toyota Avalon.

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