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Who Let The 5 Out?

BMW fans, consider yourselves warned, the 5-series is back and better than ever.

By S├ękouWrites

Coming to a dealership near you this summer, the completely redesigned 2011 sixth-generation 5-Series sedan is sporting a decidedly sleeker, more modern aesthetic. Aside from a smooth new look, the new 5 also comes with a fun collection of bells and whistles, like a heads up display that projects important information onto the lower portion of the windshield so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, and cruise control that slows down for any vehicles directly in front of you. The folks at BMW have also tossed in a safety measure that seems like it’s right out of a video game. If the vehicle senses you drifting out of your lane without first using your turn signal, it will pull your attention back to the road by vibrating the steering wheel. And with all those little details out of the way, BMW makes it easier to get back to the joy of driving.

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