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WISH LIST: “Brown Boy Bad(?)” Limited Edition Bracelet

“Brown Boy Bad(?)” Limited Edition Bracelet
Designed by SékouWrites
Created by Starling Sanders

This special, limited edition bracelet was designed by NYC-based automotive journalist SékouWrites to support his passion project, “Brown Boy Bad(?).” “Brown Boy Bad(?)” is a series of interviews with successful Black fathers about racism and parenting while they test-drive a new car. Proceeds from the sale of each bracelet will be used to fund the production of “Brown Boy Bad(?)”

Product Description:
12mm black beads (onyx) and six accent beads (orange jade). The black beads represent Black people. Orange is a color associated with creativity. The number six represents harmony and balance. Together, this bracelet is meant to symbolize being creative in our efforts to eliminate racism and achieve harmony.

$35 pr/bracelet
Limited supply
Order via, TheCandyStore456


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