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WISH LIST: OGIO’s 2014 Commuter Pack

As we’ve started to write more and more about two-wheeled transportation, we’ve noticed a commensurate need to discuss feasible travel storage. That said, this little number comes from OGIO, the golf, backpack and travel experts.

Aptly named the Commuter Pack, this unique backpack combines fashion-forward design with real world practicality. Not only is the Commuter bag made out of weather and abrasion-resistant materials, it also has plenty of pockets for all your (very necessary) electronic gizmos. Headed for bumpy terrain? No worries. The Commuter Pack has a built in “suspension system to keep [your] computer from bottoming out” while you bounce along a rocky bicycle or motorcycle path. Our favorite part of the Commuter Pack, however, is it’s very distinctive look. Here, finally, is a backpack that is stylish enough not to make you look like a teen when you’re wearing it (see below).

OGIO’s 2014 Commuter Pack was unveiled in September at the 2013 Interbike Bicycle Trade Show in Las Vegas. Pricing has not yet been announced.


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